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[Fooling] #222 - Capricorn Registration Sheet by SpizFeral [Fooling] #222 - Capricorn Registration Sheet by SpizFeral
I should of done this months ago TT.TT but ah well, I love his boy so much! <3 Fishy tails are best tails!!
Really hoping to use him in this months prompt ^.^


Gender: Male
horns - exlusive //sparkle
fluffy fishtail - exlusive
onix claws/teeth - very rare //sparkle
treat collar - uncommon 

Age: Young Adult

Additional Accessory:
Human form: [N/A]

This mature Fooling is very trustworthy and loyal. Given the job of a guide, Capricorn is highly thought of and praised by visitors who come to his home region, his story's often grip the listeners and eyes sparkle as he lovingly shows each visitor every inch of his region. His leadership qualities defiantly help as he takes charge of his guides, the other guide foolings in his region know not to try and change the way he takes his vistors on route around the region as he is not keen on change and knows he's very capable in himself.
Although Capricorn is an excellent leader and guide, He actually much prefers his own company in his own time. He'll often turn down a request from another Fooling to hang out, to just be with himself. His 'secret' hobby is painting, and actually dreams of travelling to paint the wonderful landscapes of Nio, he likes to keep this secret as he feels those around him may feel less of him and see his hard working nature as a facade.
One of Capricorns best qualities is how patient he is. He may come across some difficult visitors while being their guide, but his patient and careful nature keeps a smile on his face and personal negativity at bay. It takes alot to annoy this fooling! (He's even good enough to put up with Seasalt!!)

Seasalt Fooling Although seemingly polar opposites, These two boys get along very well and if anything, Capricorn is very good at guiding Seasalt out of danger and helping him find his feet <3 

Capricorn/Seasalt (c) :iconspizferal:

Capricorns design is by :iconlusomnia:

Fooling are a closed speices (c) :iconlusomnia:

Wintryabyss Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016
Wow, Capricorn is gorgeous ;v; Congratulations on this fishy bb!! Hope to see Seasalt (<3333) and Capricorn in future prompts and such together <3
SpizFeral Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahh thank you so much!! <3 yes they will definately be drawn together very soon! :D
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September 10, 2016
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